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About the update in June 2010:
In 2009 and 2010 we had holidays again in Nisyros. Only paths near Mandraki and a little path in Nikia we put as new ways onto the walking map. Besides that we only measured some of the known ways and corrected them in the walking map. New is a sign of danger on the path from Evangelistra to Emborios. At this point the path is totally destroyed. You have to search very careful for save footsteps in the steep landscape to pass it. In addition there is a deep hole from an old zisterna, not covered, in which you must not fall in. Walking people told us, that they had marked the way from Siones to Evangelistra. Because we did'nt see it by ourselves, the way is still shown as "without any path". We cannot tell anyhting about the actual condition of this way.

About the update in January 2008:
We have been last time in Nisyros in 2006. Really new is only a dirt road to a little church at the road between Pali and Emborios, Agios Jorgos. Besides that we only measured some of the known ways and corrected them in the walking map.

About the update in January 2006:
2005 we tested a new (for us) path and put it together with some corrections and completions to the map.

About the update in November 2004:
In 2003 and 2004 we were in Nisyros with our children. In 2003 we took a childrens carriage (for two children sitting behind each other) with us, so we could use only the asphalt roads. In 2004 our children walked by themselves, that's why we could do "real" walkings again.

  • The road to the Lies-beach is now completely ashalted, just as the road to Avlaki.
  • Near Emborios a new gravel road up to the cemetery and to the upper part of Emborios was built.
  • From Panagia Kira to the Lies-beach there is a new  additional large walking path, which was originally planed as a road, but is partly disappeared under stones and soil or broken down.
  • Near Nikia a new church was built up the mountain (named again "Profitis Illias"). There is now a new gravel road branching off the road to the monastery "St. Johannis Theologos".

  • Additional informations aubout the map:
    The walking paths on Nisyros permanently change, unfortunately not always to the favor of the walking people. Because of the growing holly and the collapses of the walls the paths condition is not always the same as we found at our last walkings.  The notations "fixed ", "pavement", "not fixed" or "without any path", respectively "road" (wide enough for a car) or "path" (only for pedestrians) are based on our last walking. The graphic shows the age of information about the ways on our map. In the years shown, we used the ways by ourselfs and reported their condition.



    Backgound and labeling of the map:
    The shore line and the isometric lines we took out of a graphic in an geological article, published in the NISURIAKA CRONIKA in 1958 .  Thanks to Prokopis Karpathakis for the translation and correction of the greek labeling, as well as for the references to the original Nisyrian names for locations and landscape, as well as for leaving a reprint of the NISURIAKA CRONIKA to us.

    28.06.2010 by Beate and Dr. Juergen Franke

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